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Smart Solutions Store
Smart System Solutions is a Libyan company specialized in the field of information technology, protection systems and alternative energy solutions.
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    Smart Solutions
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    UI/UX, Web Design/Development, App Development, E-commerce, Branding
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Based on Smart System Solutions’ mission to provide the highest level of IT services, the client reached out to us for developing their new website and online store as a critical factor in their development path.


We’ve pushed forward the brand establishment of Smart System Solutions, developing a completely new and advanced “Smart Store” with refreshed branding, in addition to the web app for the brand’s full online presence.

Logo Design
smart store logo
The Concept

We used this shaps as represrntation for what the store sells & We reoeatd it in a smart way to make S letter from the app name ( SMART STORE ) in the negative space

smart logo concept
Smart Solutions Store
smart app three
smart app two
smart app four
smart app one
Smart Solutions Store Website
Smart Solutions Store
Smart Solutions Store
Smart Solutions Store
Responsive Design

Through all platforms & Screens

Smart Solutions Store
smart mobile mockup