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Alboshra Medical

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Al-Bushra Group started as a family company, it was formerly known as (Balsamine Pharma), in 2009 the name of the company changed to Al-Bushra. Al-Bushra found a great opportunity to intervene in the medical supplies and instruments market through the (OZGENC, FullSet, and HAYAT) agencies.
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    Alboshra Medical
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Alboshra is concerned with medicine, health, and occupational safety, and it places its motivation at the forefront, which guarantees the improvement of efficiency and performance in this sector. This is achieved by supplying the sector with medical instruments through global companies and agencies. Therefore, the management of these matters has been integrated into the comprehensive Human Resources Management System for Environment, Health, and Safety, along with companies, and all its services are offered through a website.


Our website development team has created a site that stands out for its clarity and modern designs, to present the client’s services through a user-friendly interface.

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